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About Us

House Of Builders offers a brand new concept within the building industry. We can be described as an open exhibition center, where our partners exhibit their company and products in each their own stand. The showroom is therefore a meeting place where people within the industry, have the opportunity to learn more about the products, and at the same time be inspired. The fact that we have partners within different areas of the building industry, means that all products complement each other, which creates a unique dynamic in the showroom in relation to any building process.

We welcome you to House Of Builders, our doors are open all weekdays from 8:00 to 16:00 (Fridays 8:00-15:00), where we encourage you to come by and be inspired. If you would like more detailed information on one of our partners and their products, we recommend you arrange a meeting with the relevant partner’s representative. Click here for direct contact details.

If you’re not a partner, but are interested in renting the Showroom for industry-related events, feel free to contact us.