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A reliable partner since 1987

BMC AS (Building Material Corporation) was established in 1987 in Aalborg, Denmark and has been a leading supplier and distributor of heavy building materials for 30 years, to both the Danish and Norwegian markets. Our main products are within bricks, mortar, cement and facade solutions, as well as drywalls, insulation and paving stones. The focus is on quality – both in terms of service, knowledge and products!

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One of Norway’s leading suppliers of building materials

Byggma ASA owns the production companies Forestia AS, Huntonit AS, Uldal AS, Masonite Beams AB, Scan Lamps AS and Aneta Belysning AB, as well as the sales company Huntonit AB in Sweden. On our brands respective websites, you will find a broad presentation of our company and our many products. Byggma ASA has its headquarters in Vennesla in Vest-Agder. We are about 700 employees in the Byggma Group in total. Our goal is to be one of Norway’s largest and most effective sales and service departments, who manages and takes care of both large projects and retailers.
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Floor and wall panels with high quality and durability

BerryAlloc is a new brand within floors and walls, that replaces the previous brands Berry Floor and Alloc. Berry Alloc is a large international supplier of HPL laminate, DPL laminate, Parquet, Vinyl Planks & Walls. BerryAlloc is a leading brand within interior design for residential and commercial projects. At BerryAlloc we all demand the same requirements for quality, innovation and service. Everyone is working towards the same goal of creating a better quality of life in a more environmentally friendly and sustainable world.


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Bathroom furniture – where quality and design matters

For over 50 years, we have been defining the quality and aesthetics of Norwegian bathrooms, and our passion is to put Norwegian design into a system and make furniture that lasts. Foss bathroom furniture is produced in Foss Fabrikker on Birkeland – one piece of furniture at a time. By following the entire process from idea to finished furniture, we can ensure that the end result is of high quality. We have adopted new technology, which makes the furniture the most moisture-resistant on the market. Each piece of furniture is made one by one, and all products are checked, tested and finally given a quality stamp before leaving the factory. Close dialogue with architects and designers means that we constantly focus on the best and most beautiful solutions.

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Norway’s largest supplier of doors, windows and garage doors

Harmonie Norge AS is a company with ambitions for the future. As one of the main players in its industry in Norway, we will be at the forefront of everything regarding product design and assortment, logistics and market orientation overall. This will assure our customers that Harmonie’s products always maintain optimal quality and that orders are delivered on time. In Harmonie we are concerned with style, quality and safety and we hope you will choose a Harmonie product for your home!

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Marnar Bruk Royal

Beautiful and stable wood. Long lifetime.

Marnar Bruk produces pressure-impregnated and Royal-treated wood for use on facades, terraces, ceilings, noise barriers and glulam beams. We have had Royal-impregnated lumber since 1976. The original process is still the best for achieving stable wood with a long lifetime. Long experience in production, logistics and environmental management ensures efficiency, quality and fast delivery. The materials used by Marnar Bruk mainly come from Byglandsfjord Sag in Setesdal. We have a clear strategy for buying materials from the district to ensure that the raw materials have the shortest possible travel route.



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Nordic Door

Norway’s largest door manufacturer with focus on interior classified doors

Nordic Dørfabrikk AS has a long history dating back to 1970. Back then the factory was built and consisted of furniture production. In 1993, the company wanted to change direction and decided to concentrate solely on interior doors. Over the years, the company has built a unique expertise and specializes in fire and sound doors for large projects such as hospitals, schools, apartment buildings and kindergartens. In 2017, on the basis of the desire to take a larger position in the market, it was decided that Nordic Dørfabrikk AS and their sister company, LG Quick-warehouse, should merge. Together they became Nordic Door AS, and is per. 2018 Norway’s largest door manufacturer and door wholesaler. This is something we are proud of!

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Randers Tegl


The Randers Tegl Group is a family-owned business – established in 1911. Our constant product development is based on a century of experience, and we pride ourselves in the joy of developing products for projects all over the world. We are proud to be able to offer the widest range of brick products in Scandinavia.

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Innovative quality mortar, tailored to the customers’ need

For decades, Remix has been leading within their field, when it comes to quality and innovation within the bricklaying industry in Holland. They are the only manufacturer that delivers mortar which reduces efflorescence in mortar joints, thereby avoiding the ugly “flowers” and leaks on the brick facade. Wondering how your preferred bricks are going to look like, by changing the color of the mortar joints? Come visit us and play around with bricks and mortar colors in plain daylight – INDOORS!

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The dry construction materials specialist

Siniat manufacturers drywall products for in- and outdoor use and systems for partitions, ceilings, wall linings and external sheathing purposes. We offer our technical expertise to builders, architects and small and large contractors throughout Europe. We are a major supplier and technical advisor for several thousand construction projects in Europe. We produce innovative plaster solutions and provide our partners with advice on how to make homes, schools, hospitals and workplaces drier, warmer, quieter and safer than ever.

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